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By Henrik Ibsen
Tr. Rick Davis and Brian Johnston

This show will forever hold a very special place in my heart. The thought of playing Nora Helmer honestly terrified me, but I was surrounded by this amazing cast and crew. I learned so much during this process, not only about performing, but I also learned myself and who I am. This show with these people was so special, and I will always be thankful.


Book and Lyrics by Robert L. Freedman
Music and Lyrics by Steven Lutvak

Sibella is a riot! I had a wonderful time figuring out who she was and what made her tick. Her selfishness really drives her, even though she likes to convince herself otherwise. She's beautiful, and she knows it. However, you'll have to tell her just how beautiful she is if you want to keep her around.


By Caryl Churchill

In this show, I was presented with a wonderful challenge of playing three different characters. Discovering these people and learning how different and similar they are was such a fun task, and I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity. I learned a lot from these women. Here are some of my favorite moments.


By Harry Connick Jr.

Gilda was one of the most energetic roles I've played so far. She is one of Santa's elves with her two best friends, Hamm and Eubie. She is filled with happiness, holiday cheer, and allergies. The memories attached to playing this larger-than-life character really make me smile.


By Sarah Ruhl

Oh, Sarah Ruhl. I love her work.  She writes in such unique way that I can't help but be totally captivated. In this one, I played a hairdresser named Frances. A small spoiler for you: There's a point in this play where she gets so sad that she turns into a literal almond. Needless to say, this show was a blast to work on.


By William Shakespeare

Never have I ever had such a physically demanding role. For Ariel, my main focus was making him un-human. It took a while before I knew what that meant, but one day, I decided to let everything go and just play. That was the day the character sparked. There was a dance element that I had never tapped into before as well as a major bird influence. Playing a magical being gave me all creative freedom in the world, and I loved exploring it!

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